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Domaine Didier Fornerol

Didier Fornerol was the vineyard manager and cellar master at Domaine de L’Arlot from 1982 until 1998, working under Jean-Pierre de Smet for most of those years. In 1999, Didier left L’Arlot to take over his family’s domaine. Today, Didier works 6 hectares in the village of Corgoloin and produces Côtes de Nuits-Villages red and white along with small amounts of Passetoutgrain, Aligoté, and Bourgogne. Jean-Pierre de Smet, now retired from Domaine de l’Arlot but unable to step away from wine entirely, works closely with Didier in the cellar and during harvest. The magic and soul that Didier is able to tease out of his humble appellations are a testament to a career spent learning from one of the legends of Burgundy.






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