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Florida Wine Company was founded in 2010 by Anthony Pannone after working in all tiers of the wine industry in multiple states. At the time there was a need for a more hands on approach to wine distribution in Florida. Someone to focus on the smaller, more hands on, quality focussed growers that tended to slip through the cracks in a market dominated by huge, industrial “brands” that lack soul, detail, and any sense of a place. Even the top tier of classic importers that thrived in the big cities and elsewhere were being totally overlooked in Florida. Despite the fact that Florida was and still is one of the top states in the US for wine consumption. That’s where we came in. I wanted to put the spotlight on these types of import portfolios as well as the smaller, quality oriented winemakers from the west coast of the US. Since then we’ve been fortunate enough to develop one of the top fine wine portfolios in the great state of Florida. We’re very proud of the amazing growers that we represent from around the world.


Anthony Pannone

Founder, CEO

David Helter

Palm Beach Sales Rep

Neil Barham

Palm Beach Sales Rep

Brian Kerney

Orlando Sales Rep

Taylor Maddy

Tampa/St. Pete Sales Rep

Daniel Toral

Miami Sales Rep

Kevin Sanfilippo

Northeast Florida Sales Rep