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Buelan Compania de Sacas

Buelan Compañia de Sacas is a bottling project of barrel-selected sherries created by Nick Africano, musician and founder of En Rama Sherry Co. ​Nick works with the wines of Ramiro Ibañez of Cota 45 and Willy Perez of Bodegas Luis Perez through his work with Spanish wine in New York City and with his experience working with José Pastor Selections. He was thrilled when he learned of Ramiro and Willy’s joint project, M. Ant. De La Riva, imported by José Pastor. Buelan aims to bottle sherries that capture a depth of meaning and place, of metaphor and artistry, and, most importantly, they aim to capture the stories of the people who make the wines. Each bottling expresses a particular theme, be that a song, an idea, or just a certain style of sherry Nick wants to highlight.






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